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Any travel of under 10 miles or less than 10 minutes(one way)from my home address shall not incur charges.

Any travel of over 10 miles or more than 10 minutes(one way) from my home address shall be charged for the full distance(round trip), rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10,@ .75 cents per mile. The mileage and travel time are determined by using All tolls are also the responsibility of the clients.

Travel expenses may include one or two-nights of hotel stay, (if the rehearsal and/or wedding is 50 to 100 miles away). This MUST be discussed with me by phone prior to my agreement to perform your ceremony. 

Hotel room fees are required for any of the following circumstances: 

a)    The wedding is before 11 a.m. and 50 to 100 miles away (for the night before the wedding);

b)    The wedding is after 6:30 p.m. and 50 to 100 miles away (for the night of the wedding);

c)    The wedding is 50 to 100 miles away and service is requested for rehearsal the night before the wedding.)

All travel expenses should be included in the total ceremony cost and need to be paid prior to the ceremony.

Hotel accomodations may be booked by the clients.

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