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From the divine
to the outright God-awful.

STOP READING HERE! These are interesting or humorous city names, especially for a Wedding. If you are easily offended,  Please stop now.
Romance, AK; Romance, MO
Fidelity, MO
Alliance, CA
Date City, CA
Harmony, CA
Honeydew, CA
Fortuna, CA (Fortune)
Mariposa, CA (Butterfly)
Bonita, CA (Beautiful)
Little Heaven, DE
Hourglass, DE
Kissimmee, FL
Enigma, GA
Wonder Lake, IL
Surprise, IN; Surprise, CA; Surprise, NY; other
Surprises out there!
Hope, KS
Butterfly, KY
Eden, MI, Eden, MS
Olive Branch, MI; Olive Branch, MS
Paradise, MI; Paradise, PA; Paradise, UT
Darling, MS
Pleasant Hope, MO
Big Sky, MT
Opportunity, MT
Jackpot, NV
Good Intent, NJ
Desire, PA
Fear Not, PA (for a nervous couple)
Pillow, PA
Epiphany, SD
Faith, SD
Sweet Lips, TN
Comfort, TX
Energy, TX
Happy, TX
Sugarland, TX
Valentine, TX
Friendly, WV
There are also about 10 cities called Paris in the
U.S. It'd be fun to say you got married in Paris!


These are odd city names, especially for a Wedding. If you are easily offended, these may offend you.

Please stop now.

Fun Theme Wedding City Names:

Halloween Weddings: Boneyard, AZ; Frankenstein, MO
Flower Child Weddings: Carefree, AZ; Carefree, IN
Stoner Weddings: Blunt, CA; Weed, CA; Weed Heights, NV
Motivational Weddings: Confidence, CA
Pregnant Weddings: Cabbage Patch, CA; Concepcion, CA, Conception, MO; Accident, ME
Country Music: Dixieland, CA; Nashville, CA

Surprise Weddings: Eureka, CA; Surprise, CA; Surprise, N; Surprise, IN; Too many Surprises, lost track...
Pentecostal Weddings: Hallelujah Junction, California
Outer-Space/ Star: Jupiter, CA; Star, ID
Fraternity Weddings: Keg, CA;Beer Bottle Crossing, ID
New Age Weddings: Mystic, CA; Energy, TX
Senior Citizens: Roads End, CA
Gangster Weddings: Scarface, CA
Jungle Weddings: Tarzana, CA
Christmas: Christmas, FL (duh),Santa Claus, GA
I Love Lucy: Redhead, FL
Friday the 13th: Jinks, GA
Eastern Religions: Buddha, IN


These are odd to mildly inappropriate city names, especially for a Wedding. Some are in poor taste. If you are easily offended, these may offend you. Or make you laugh.


Please stop now.

What a DRAG to have to get married here:

Hellhole Palms, CA
Kickapoo, IL
Roachtown, IL
Fickle, IN
Roachdale, IN
Bean Station, TX
Gas, KS
Belcher, LA
Convent, LA
Cut Off, LA
Podunk, MI
Sanatorium, MS
Peculiar, MO
Tightwad, MO
Divide, MT
Colon, NE
Worms, NE
Hicksville, OH
Hell Hollow, NH
Truth or Consequences, NM (But it would be a fun place
to have a Bridal Shower!)

Drab, PA
Loyalsockville, PA  (Actually a nice place.)
Panic, PA
Parachute, CO (The Groom might want one, after visiting Panic.)
Porkey, PA
Bowlegs, OK
Slaughterville, OK
Boring, OR, OR
Idiotville, OR
Possum Hollow, PA
Scalp Level, PA
Looneyville, TX
Hurricane, UT, Hurricane, VA
Satan's Kingdom, VT
Butts, VA
Bucksnort, TN
Croaker, VA
Slippery Rock, PA (Also nice.)
Virginville, PA
Quidnick, RI
Peever, SD
Big Ugly, WV
Embarass, WI
Little Hope, TX :(
Ordinary, KY (How depressing is that?)
Gravity, IA (No woman would want to get married in a
town called Gravity.)
Defeated, TN (Imagine starting life together with that
hanging over your heads!)

STOP READING HERE! These are DEFINATELY inappropriate city names, especially for a Wedding.

Some of them are funny anyway.

Even if you are not easily offended, these may offend you. Please stop now.


Okahumpka, FL
Cumming, GA
Ballstown, IN
Spraytown, IN
Eros, LA (I rather like this one.)
Dry Prong, LA
Licking, MO
Love Ladies, NJ
Ho-ho Kus, NJ
Big Lick, NC
Horneytown, NC
Knockemstiff, OH
Balltown, PA
Slate Lick, PA
Oral, SD
Hooker, OK
(Do you have any idea how many towns there are called Hooker?)
Lick Skillet, VA
Nuttsville, VA
Threeway, VA
Humptulips, WA
Camel Hump, WY
Beaver Crossing, NE
Beaver, OR; Beaver, KS
Big Beaver, PA
Beaver Lick, KY
Blue Ball, DE; Blue Ball, OH
Intercourse, AL; Intercourse, PA

And finally:
Climax, NC; Climax, MN; Climax, NY;
Climax, PA; and Climax, GA(!!! )

City List courtesy of:

Rev. Gladys M. Weydert, D.D.

New Covenant Weddings
Charleston, SC 

Used with permission.

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