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Wedding Services and Officiant Fees*


Low Cost Alternative:

If you really need to save money, or have little money to start with, there is no more cost-effective way to wed than getting a Judge to marry you. For free, in some cases.

Usually at the courthouse where you get your license.

Some of their Honors will perform ceremonies in their private offices or even at your location.


I highly recommend Judges.

I count more than one among my friends.


Is that really how you pictured your wedding day? 


(Fees do not include travel over 10 miles.)


Standard Package (for a weekday or weeknight wedding):  $150 


Standard Package (for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday wedding):  $200

Click HERE for more info.


Custom Package:  $300

Click HERE for more info. 


Holiday Standard Package: $350 

(for a weekday wedding)plus a mileage increase to $1.00 per mile, roundtrip.


Holiday Standard Package (for a Friday, Saturday Sunday or Monday wedding):$400 plus a mileage increase to $1.00 per mile, roundtrip.


Extreme Customized Package:  $450

Click HERE for more info.


Additional Services

Rehearsal:  $50 or $75

Click HERE for more info.
Saying a blessing at the reception...or not:  Gratis

Click HERE for more info.


Exclusive booking rights

for your entire wedding day:   $200

Click HERE for more info.


One extra hour of time:   $75

Click HERE for more info.


Equipment Fee: Gratis

Click HERE for more info.


Reservations and Retainer Fees:

Click HERE for more info.


You may securely send your retainer online

by credit card via PayPal.        

Late Fees

Click HERE for more info.

Travel and Expenses

Click HERE for more info.



At your wedding and/or reception I am certain your photographer will take pictures of everyone, including myself. You can be certain that my assistant will also take photos of the bride and groom, and especially myself, for use on this very website.

I will require the bride and groom (and freely ask anybody else who wants to be featured on this website), to sign a simple photographic release form I will provide.


I do hereby reserve the right to refuse any and all requests for a reservation.

I further reserve the right to refuse to perform any service that I am not comfortable with, even though a reservation was accepted.

If a wedding service that has been reserved and paid for is not performed, then a refund of fees in excess of the retainer shall be due.


Discretionary Conduct Clause:


All members of the wedding party, guests, service providers, and vendors will be expected to conduct themselves in a legal and responsible manner.


Any yelling, screaming, fighting, tantrums, use of profanity, intoxication, disorderly or illegal conduct, or other unpleasant behavior,

will not be tolerated,

and may, at my discretion:


A.)Be cause for immediate cancellation of your wedding or other ceremony and forfeiture of any and all retainers and fees. 


B.)Incur an additional fee, relative to the duration of the behavior)calculated at


payable in cash, before the ceremony is 

performed or completed, and will be considered

as fair compensation for ‘Hazardous Duty’.




For couples that have already booked their date by sending a retainer, personal meetings may be arranged to discuss your nuptial plans.


Said meetings will be limited as follows:

Mondays through Thursday’s only, and no more than 30 minutes in duration.

(This depends on scheduling and is solely at my discretion.)


There is an additional fee of $100 for a meeting, which

will be waived when you arrive on time at the agreed upon location.


Meetings may be cancelled or re-scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance without penalty.


Failure to attend a scheduled meeting may result in forfeiture of your retainer and/or cancellation of your booking date. 


By sending your retainer fee, you agree that you have read, understand, and and will fully comply with all the terms and conditions stated herein, paying particular attention to compliance with the terms and conditions of the conduct clause.




Please do not hesitate to call or write me if there is something you want, or if there’s anything you didn’t see here!


* I reserve the right

to make changes

to any fees or services offered

at any time,

with or without prior notice.


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